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A dummies guide to SEO

  • Lawrence Ward
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  • January 1, 2018
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For those that are unfamiliar with the process of search engine optimisation (SEO) it does seem like a foreign and complex world with many complicated themes. However this guide attempts to break the subject down into more manageable chunks to help even the most confused website owner ease into the world of SEO.

What is SEO

Search engine optimisation is essentially the process of getting a website to rank higher on websites such as Google. For example, this could mean that instead of a website being the 100th on the list when a user searches for a phrase, it is the 5th. This can help websites get a significantly increased rate of traffic and lead to increased popularity, exposure and income.


When search engines such as Google perform a search it considers many things in order to determine which results to show and which order they should have. For example, Google takes into account the relevance of the page as well as the authority. Authority is essentially measured by analysing the amount of links to a website from other pages. These will be measured both in terms of their quantity and their quality. Essentially to rank high on a search result, a website will need to have many other websites linking to it. In addition, these websites should be of a high quality.

How to manage SEO for your website

There are many top tips out there to help you manage your own SEO, however if you have the time and resources you may consider outsourcing such work to companies such as the SEO Company Tampa Fl. Such resources are able to take care of all your SEO needs and can even promise impressive results in a short time frame.

If you do decide to manage your own SEO you may want to consider the below points to help you get started.

Top tips

Set up a Google My Business account. This is totally free and will actually enable your website to automatically appear in local search results for your specific location. In additional to this, broader search criteria often show local results too which is something that could benefit small business owners.

Build an accessible, responsive, mobile friendly website. Most of the traffic that websites receive actually come from mobile phones instead of desktop computers. Despite this, most websites are actually designed to work best with desktops. It is more important that ever to develop a mobile friendly format of your website to ensure you do not loose traffic over a simple thing. There are many applications out there such as WordPress that can help you make all of your content mobile friendly.

There is no denying that search engine optimisation is a very complex idea and there are many aspects to consider to master the art. Not only that, but the rules and criteria that search engines use are ever changing and unpredictable. We encourage many website owners to therefore seek professional help and advice to make the most of their resources.

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