This business advice Blog was a huge success from its inception. It was quickly picked up by several publishing companies and featured in magazines suggesting it was a must-read for novices. Due to this success I am continuously asked for advice on corporate matters from business owners all over the country.  Now that these emails are so frequent, I actually use them as inspiration for new articles, selecting common themes that pop up and answering the most popular questions.

I have found, from time to time, that I am not actually able to answer some of the questions posed by my readers. In these circumstances I will refer them to another source which may be able to help. I am happy to hear from others who might like to be featured as a third party reference to help answer my readers when necessary.

Since my articles are so well received by such a large volume you may want to consider advertising with me and I offer several opportunities for you to do so. I am open to new ideas in terms of products and services so it is worth while contacting me to find out. From time to time, I find that certain products are not within the general remit of this Blog and in these cases I may decline any offers. However, I find myself happily collaborating with most people that get in touch.

I am extremely passionate about helping people with their businesses and I genuinely feel that there are many products and services out there that could help people achieve success. For these, I am happy to give out my whole hearted recommendation.

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