Are you an aspiring business writer? Do you have a passion for helping others? Would you like to collaborate with one of this centuries most influential businessmen? This could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Site-Reference is a huge success

The key mission of this Blog is to help those with less experience start up thier own businesses but also to advise people with companies that are struggling on how to improve their forecasts. I have been extremely successful reaching a wide audience. This Blog has been featured in several corporate magazines as a ‘must-read’ for novices.

“Thank-You Lawrence, you not only saved my company thousands of pounds but you helped me to continue to employ my fantastic staff despite legal issues with their visas” 

Johanna Sturge, Manager at Two Johns Kitchens, Essex

Write for Site-Reference

Due to the continuing success and popularity of this Blog I am now looking for collaborators to assist in running the site and producing content.

All content should be original and relevant to business owners or those with an active interest in the corporate world. I often use the large amount of emails I receive to generate new article themes and topics. I would be happy to share and suggest ideas on new articles.

Be featured as a Guest writer

I am keen to explore the idea of featuring other successful business owners and CEOs who would like to share some of their top tips and recommendations from all sorts of fields. Are you an expert in corporate legal issues? Do you have an expertise in recruitment? Get in touch via the contact page to discuss how you can feature on this Blog.

Guest Post Guidelines

It is extremely important that this blog continues to offer an exceptional standard of articles. I must insist that anyone who aspires to be featured follows certain guidelines.

All work must be unique and innovative. There is a lot of business related resources on the internet and this Blog strives to be unique and ambitious in tackling hard and unusual subjects.

“Top Tips” are a great way to get started but please do remember that you are writing for a highly qualified audience who do not wish to be patronised.

I am aware of SEO pitches and am happy to discuss the potential of them, providing the written article is of  exceptional quality.


All posts must not only be up to date but also be accurate in terms of financial information. A growing number of people rely on this site for success in their business and we would be doing them a terrible mis-service to provide inaccurate information.