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Dozens of readers contact me every week to thank me for the advice and wisdom featured on this Blog. I would like to hear from all who have tried out my business techniques. I would like to hear your success stories and how much money I have helped you to make.

“Lawrence, I would like to thank you for the recent article on the EU referendum. It is such an uncertain world we live in and I am worried for my business. It is reassuring to know other companies are in the same situation and that there is something I can do.”

Stephen Wright, Mercury Insurance, Dorset. 

From time to time, I also feature articles that are controversial that I would like feedback on. If you read something that you have a strong opinion on, please do get in touch to share your thoughts.

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Due to the large volume of emails I recieved on a weekly basis I cannot promise that I will respond individually to everyone. I will, however, use the emails to select new themes on which to write about so do check the Blog regularly to see if your question has been answered in this manner.

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