Hello and welcome to my Blog.

My name is Lawrence Ward and I have been a business advisor to some of the largest companies in Europe. I am currently CEO of a new firm, established in 2016, with extremely exciting prospects for media streaming in the future.

I originally set up this Blog in response to the EU referendum. At the time, I was simply inundated with emails from business owners from all over the country asking for my advice on the best course of action to take in such an uncertain climate. To help these people I offered accurate stock forecasts and suggestions on how to minimise income losses. The positive response I received from this was overwhelming and I decided to expand my Blog to encompass so much more.

I have been using this Blog to share my many years of wisdom within the coporate world. I have been able to save many businesses from becoming bankrupt and have even personally invested in new ‘start ups’ that look promising.

Most recently, I saw a demand for “Business for Beginners” workshops and I now also deliver seminars every month on various subjects. These workshops have attracted over 400 individuals to date and continue to be in high demand.

My own interest in business began at the age of nine. I remember vividly the enjoyment of using my pocket money to buy small toys and resell them in the school playground at a small profit. By the age of 19 I was in-charge of a local accounting firm and at the age of 24 was voted ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. I enjoyed many years as a Business Consultant within the largest consultancy firm in the country and I secured my first Director position by the age of 34.

I very much enjoy helping those that are less experienced in the corporate world and am always happy to hear from my readers. If you would like free, unbiased advise please do see the contact page for more information. My skills as a consultant are also available to hire (with concessions for small, high street businesses) so do get in touch to find out more.

Thanks for supporting this Blog. I am looking forward to hearing from you!