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Which Digital Marketing Strategies Produce Big Returns?

  • Lawrence Ward
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  • December 6, 2017
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Online brands and local businesses alike have a vested interest in improving their reach, growing their audience and increasing profits. For decades, one of the most effective ways to do these things involved various marketing strategies that highlight a brand’s offerings, benefits and advantages.

In recent years, traditional marketing has given way to more precise forms of digital marketing. With an unprecedented amount of consumer information and demographic data available, brands are finding newfound success in targeting specific people via online campaigns. Despite this growth, not all digital marketing campaigns are equally effective.

Which digital marketing strategies do in fact produce the biggest returns on investment? Continue reading to find out more.


  • Email Marketing


By far one of the best marketing strategies when it comes to ROI, email marketing helps brands and businesses connect with those who have already demonstrated loyalty and interest. By building an email list, brands can tap into its power for months or years after the fact, promoting their products, services and content to those who find it most relevant.

A majority of businesses surveyed reported email marketing as being their number one marketing strategy with respect to ROI. The downside to this marketing strategy is that it cannot be utilized from the get-to: you have to cultivate an email list from people who visit your business or website in order to be truly successful. Marketing firms such as Eventige can help brands boost the rate at which their email marketing lists are fleshed out, but this is not something that can immediately be tapped into by most businesses.


  • Search Engine Optimization


Another important marketing technique, search engine optimization provides brands with the ability to market their offerings to interested individuals for little to no cost over the long-term. Through passive marketing strategies, SEO can help ensure that your content is front and center in search engine results. This is an organic form of marketing, and one that can yield huge results over months and years.

The downside of SEO is that it – like email marketing – is not an immediate benefit. It can take years before a brand’s content is effectively optimized and reaching large numbers of people via search engines. As such, some short-term marketing strategies in conjunction with SEO are highly recommended. Nevertheless, SEO remains one of the most powerful marketing strategies ROI-wise.


  • Social Media


In terms of immediate benefit and ROI, social media marketing may very well produce the best results. Unlike the other two items above, social media marketing can be utilized from day one. Via paid marketing campaigns on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, brands can immediately begin reaching individuals in target audiences.

Depending on your niche and its level of competition, brands can obtain individual clicks for anywhere from a few pennies to $50. Nevertheless, many businesses have found rapid growth and great ROI via well-optimized social media ad campaigns that continue to deliver results.

In general, social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization produce the best returns on investment. However, some brands utilize multiple marketing strategies to increase short-term and long-term performance. Ultimately, each brand is different and will have to determine which approaches work best for the brand’s needs, but these three strategies inarguably work the best for well-established brands seeking to augment their reach.

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