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Why Good Office Design is Essential for a Positive Workflow

  • Lawrence Ward
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  • December 27, 2017
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Managers tend to place office design at the bottom of their priority list while some don’t even seem to consider it at all. However, a good office design is crucial to ensure positive workflow and should be taken seriously.

Good managers need to understand that their workers spend just as much time in the office as they do at home. The office space should, therefore, be a comfortable environment to ensure maximum productivity. Whether you’re on a budget or dealing with a small office space, there are always a number of office designs you could choose from to fit you. Here are four reasons why good office design is essential for a positive workflow.

1. Employees Don’t Want to be Constrained in a Box

Productivity is lowered significantly when an employee is constrained in a windowless office cubicle. Natural light is key to improving happiness, health, creativity, and productivity because it boosts an individual’s mood and energy. When you decide to get rid of the cubicles, space doesn’t feel cluttered anymore. Have you ever wondered why CEOs almost always get offices with an open view and large windows? Employees also need an open space for better performance and not just the CEOs.

2. Each Department Needs a Specific Setup

In every organization, there are usually various different departments with their own strategy and goals. Ensure that the office design you choose takes this into consideration to enhance the workflow. A good example is the sales department, which requires enclosed offices due to the fact that they are always on the phone. If, however, you consider the creative department, then an open office plan will help them share ideas and collaborate in a comfortable and relaxed manner. You can work with a firm like Stoica, with years of experience, to tailor your office design accordingly with respect to the different departments.

3. Communal Areas Are a Necessity

Although individuals need a private desk to ensure they work best, a communal area is essential to help them relax and interact with other employees from time to time. Work can sometimes be straining and a few minutes of break in a communal area can help relieve the tension. Communal areas are also a great place to share work-related ideas and unwind after a long tiring day.

4. Increases Creativity

You need to understand that innovation and focus are affected negatively by clutter. A simple open design has its way of motivating workers and encouraging positive competition in the workplace. An employee will find the motivation to work more when they notice every other employee working just as much.


You need all your workers motivated and operating to their full potential to ensure you attain maximum productivity. One of the best ways to do that is by making their environment as comfortable and conducive to work as possible. So, make sure that you consider remodelling your office if you feel it could be improved for performance.


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