erectile dysfunction

Most men having erectile dysfunction problems don’t recognize the problem right.

If you sometimes type in your symptoms when you have flu on Google and hit the search button it will tell you an entirely different story. It is sad how people consider searching on the internet over going to a doctor. This is sadly the biggest mistake people make when they think they have erectile dysfunction.

It’s only human to sometimes have ejaculation problems but when you type in the symptoms that you’re feeling in the Google search and hit enter, it will tell you that you have Erectile Dysfunction problems. This is wrong and people should always go for proper diagnosis or they should at least what are the common causes for erectile dysfunction.

We’ve listed out 3 of the most common causes for erectile dysfunction

Medical Problems

Almost 35-50% of males that suffer from diabetes have erectile dysfunction. This usually happens because of the blood sugar increase in you. This thickens the walls of your arteries. Not just Diabetes, if you’re a patient of high blood pressure then you too can face erectile dysfunction.

Some people follow different sorts of diets to keep away from Diabetes and other medical problems. These diets are usually to control blood sugar as it is one of the direct causes. Some high blood pressure patients also face difficulties but they can find solutions in the shape of relaxants.


Guys have the tendency of overdoing things when they are worried. Little do they know that overdoing things when it comes to sensitive matters like drugs can be very problematic for them. Drug intake is a very serious matter and the last thing you want to do is misuse it as it will only worsen the case. An example of what I’m trying to say is taking Ecstasy and Viagra together.

Some people consider marijuana to be great. They consider it as a relaxant as a single dose can relax the body and sometimes when the right partner is with you, it can even make you horny. Lots of people use it as a sort of Viagra for good Sexual intercourse. But if you keep using it the same way then this is the last thing that you’d want as even makes you impotent. I would suggest reading ED Protocol first, to be honest.

Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are just another form of drugs. However, since they are legal people use them more than other drugs which make it more dangerous.

Cigarettes and other means of smoking are extremely harmful to the blood circulation process and this also leads to malfunctions in the penis. People who smoke a lot have serious erectile disorders that sometimes have been exposed to the state of permanent.

So these are three of the most common causes of getting erectile dysfunction. Make sure you visit a doctor first before assuming the fact of having erectile dysfunction. Learn more about different types of men related health problems, on this website: