food storage

While you may have cabinets and a refrigerator for storing food, this just may not provide you with enough space to keep all of your non-perishables in areas that are tucked away from view. If you have a small kitchen or have recently moved into a new house with less storage space than you are used to having in the kitchen area, these five tips will assist you in making extra space for food storage easily and efficiently. Perfect your pantry and add in additional shelving systems to create your ideal kitchen storage areas.

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Using Storage Containers

By using storage containers to hold select types of foods, you are sure to make more room in your pantry that can be better used for storing additional food. For example, food storage containers are ideal for cereal and pasta so that you are able to eliminate large boxes that simply take up a lot of space.

Storing Spices

Although spice jars are typically very small, you may have so many of them that you don’t know what to do with. Stacking your spice jars on a shelf can take up a whole lot of room that could be used for other storage needs. Instead, invest in a spice rack that will easily hold all of your spices so that you do not have to go searching for them every time that you need them.

Making Room for More

First thing’s first, to make room for more food within your current storage space or to create additional storage spaces, you may need to do some cleaning up. See where you would like to create a new, larger pantry such as in a nearby closet and remove any furnishings or items that may currently be in that space. Take advantage of Las Vegas NV storage or other storage unit options that can be used to safely hold onto your furniture and belongings until you are able to make use of them and find space for them once again. Next, install simple shelves or purchase plastic shelves systems in the closet that can be used for storing your non-perishable food such as cereal boxes, soup, cans, pasta and spices.

Hanging Fruits and Vegetables

Hang your fruits and vegetables such as onions and apples in pantyhose that are attached to a hook in your pantry or kitchen. Not only does this free up space, but it keeps these veggies fresh for a longer period of time.

Using Baskets

Baskets can also be used to create extra space for food storage. The organization is truly key in creating the ideal pantry that is able to effectively hold all of your food with ease.

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