Kitchen Design Ideas

Every kitchen has its own personality, that is for sure. Depending on the colors that you use or on the spacial arrangement that you will have in your kitchen, you can make it look more modern, practical, vintage or anyway it pleases your personality. Use your kitchen as a way to express yourself, to show to your guests what a lovely person you are! If you decide to do so, you should put a lot of time, effort and money into it. The vintage style usually costs more than the modern look, but it will return its value when it will make your day sunnier just by looking at it. All those nice colors and those handles plated with nickel will make you think you have a toy-appliance in your kitchen. Get detailed information about the kitchen redesigning and factors to consider, on this website:

What would a kitchen be without a refrigerator? You have a multitude of options to look at. Besides the functional features that you decide for your practical needs, there are many visual esthetic features that differentiate these types of products. Even if you need a big fridge or a little fridge that works like a dream, at least make it look like a candy from a dream. Really, make it look just like a candy! You chose if you want to go crazy or stay classy; all types of options available on the market. For the vintage look, you are allowed to use all the colors and patterns that you may think of as nothing is forbidden. What do you think of Rainbow stripes, Ferrari red, turquoise, mint or blue egg? They all look so good that you just want to eat the whole fridge, not just the food inside. Take a look at some models from Big Chill, SMEG or Northstar.

For the stove you have more options, besides the functional features and the color, you can chose its shape too. And when we say shape we mean details such as curves, and edges. Take a look at some Jennifer Adams or DreamStove stoves. They are simply dreamy. They look like they came down from a fairy tale and they forgot to erase themselves from reality after you woke up. Some stoves come with their own cooker hood, others don’t. The best choice for a cooker hood would be to match it at least to the style of the stove if not to its color too. Other vintage appliances that you could buy for your kitchen are smaller but useful and cute enough! What do you think of a Mint color toaster and a cute mint color curvy kettle? Anything works as long as it looks like a cartoon! You can have that color for you kitchen mixer too. There are some super cute ones from KitchenAid and many more choices! There are many options everywhere you look. It’s like everyone is trying to whisper to you that if you like it vintage, don’t be afraid to go all the way! If you want to know more about kitchenAid, you can find on this website

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