Lock Your PC Temporary

Have you ever think what happen if your Personal Computer is Not only yours. If some one can login into it and run your pc as who cares even you are present there or not. DO you want that no actually no one wants that anyone can touch their computer when they are not present there. This is a Awesome Trick to Protect your PC ,When Someone tried to unlock your computer with wrong password and tried again and again. TO avoid all this, we can apply some window security settings that can Lock Your PC automatically after filling a wrong password for a set of time. So by using all these Steps you can set the security easily. You can also set a number of time to try attempt for filling wrong  passwords and then you can also set a Time Period After That You Can Fill Your Password Again. Get detailed information about the most powerful operating systems that can boost your PC’s performance, on this website: optionscomputer.com

One More thing that a real password  After filling wrong for the given  set of time will not work until the time you have set ,is not Finished .Even you restart your computer .so please be calm to end the time .

Hoe to Do That

Step 1.

Click  on start button
and type Local Security Policy in search programs and files box.

A window will open after sometime of seconds.

Step 2.

Now click on “Local Security  Policy” from left window panel.

Now explore Account Policies a window will appear
Make double click on Account Lockout Threshold.

Now Here you can set your own timing and attempts for windows to enter passwords.give values after how many invalid password login attempts you want to lock your PC.
Now click on apply then click OK

have set ,is not Finished .Even you restart your computer .so please be calm till the time you set have passed out. Learn more about different types of computer applications that can help you your personal data, on this website: www.mobilearabi.net