Now day’s smartphones are the basic part of human life. Without smartphones we cannot imagine our daily life. smartphones is the basic need of our life. Now we talk about the biggest and latest smartphone manufacturers in the world 2013. There are so many manufacturers which creates a huge smartphones. These companies are truly awesome. So let’s see, which company was the no.1 smartphone manufacturer in the world in year 2013. Get detailed information about the latest software and gadgets that you should know about, on this website:

10. HTC

HTC Latest smartphone

At the no. 10 spot it’s HTC. In 1997 Cher Wang started to establish a mobile phone company called HTC. HTC is a China based company. Its major purpose is that to establish the Windows smart phones in this gadgets world. HTC new Windows phones are truly awesome and fantabulous. Now day’s HTC plans to create Android Phones. Which is truly awesome? They will creates Android based phones as well as they creates Windows Phones. Each n every single smart phone of HTC is awesome and great. That’s why HTC is at No.10 spot in our list.


Sony Latest smartphone

Sony is at no. 9 spot. It would be a great name of mobile world. After all it’s a Japan Based Company. In 1946 Masaru Ibuka has started the company and the company hangover with Ericsson after this hangover they creates awesome mobile phones which named by Sony Ericsson. Sony is one of the most finest and famous company of mobile phones. And their product is truly mind blowing. Basically they create Gaming phones. Even they also launched android phones. That’s why Sony is on no. 9 spot at our list. Get detailed information about the smartphone companies that are providing best devices, on this website:


Motorola Latest smartphone

Motorola is one of the oldest companies all over the world. In 1928 Motorola Company was established. In America Motorola has higher reputation in mobile phones market. That’s why Motorola at no.8 spot in our list.


Blackberry Latest smartphone

At the no. 7 spot top 10 biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world 2013. It’s none other than its Blackberry. Blackberry is one of the finest companies in the world. In 1999 Blackberry launched the first mobile. The most famous feature of Blackberry is BBM (Blackberry Messenger) it’s most popular all over the world. That’s why Blackberry is on No. 7 spot in our list.


Huawei Latest smartphone

On the spot of no. 6 is Huawei. In 1988 Ren Zhengfei was established this company. Huawei had a superb quality mobile phones and latest features also. The service of this company is very good and nice also. That’s why Huawei is at no. 6 place in our list.

5. LG

LG Latest smartphone

Now at No. 5 position in the top 10 mobile manufacturer mobile company is LG. LG is a Korean based company. LG is quit new in the mobile world but there gadgets are truly awesome. High Quality android or smart phones are available there. LG has launched new models eagerly. That’s why LG is at no.5 spot in our list.

4. ZTE

ZTE Latest smartphone

Another powerful and awesome mobile company it’s ZTE. Basically it’s a china based company. In 1985 Hou Weigui of China has started this company. So many countries are the big fans of ZTE Company. Like Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Australia and much more. ZTE launched cheap rates with higher number of mobile phones. Nobody knows this company will break all the records of mobile companies. That’s why ZTE is at no. 4 spot in our list.


Apple Latest smartphone

At no. 3 spot it’s none other than APPLE. A big name in all mobile companies from the world. Since 1976 this company has started by Steve Job in California. Apple has own Operating System called iOS. Apple has the best quality mobile phones all over the world. It’s different from others mobile companies. Apple launched their own phones called I Phones. That’s why Apple is at no.3 place in our list.


Nokia Latest smartphone

At no.2 spot in our list is NOKIA. Such an awesome company, what would I say? It’s a Finland based company. The founder of this company is Fredrik Ides tam. In 1965 Nokia has been established. Each and every product of Nokia is truly great awesome. They provides for all types of peoples like rich peoples and middle class peoples and so on. Nokia provides Symbian, Java and Windows Based phones. That’s why Nokia is at no.2 place in our list.


Samsung Latest smartphone

Here we present the no.1 biggest mobile phone manufacturers in the world of 2013 is SAMSUNG. The magic of Samsung is in all over the world that’s Samsung is on the top of our list. It’s a Korea Based company. In 1938 Lee-Byung-Chull started this company. Last year Samsung is the best mobile phone all over the world. Samsung launched one of the awesome android smart phones. Everyone liked it. That’s why Samsung is world’s top mobile manufacturing brand in the world. Samsung also going to launch Samsung Note III after Samsung Galaxy S4. Learn more about top mobile hardware and software manufacturer companies, on this website: