Hair Removal Laser

Nothing good ever comes easy and beauty is no exception. Most people have unwanted hair commonly on the face, chin and upper lip, or on the legs, arms, underarms, back, and bikini line among other areas. The causes of unwanted hair may include genetics meaning it runs in the family and is therefore hereditary and beyond you. It may also be as a result from steroids or excess secretion of certain hormones in your body or even as a result from cystic ovarian syndrome.

Different people find the growth of hair in different parts of their bodies to be a good thing, while others hate to imagine that they can let anyone discover that they actually have hair in those places. Those who love this growth show it off, while those who do not, look for ways to get rid of it.

Thank goodness for technology and the brains behind it. Several means and ways now exist to remove unwanted hair. Majority of the procedures do not do away with the hair completely as some of the hair will grow back after some time.

Apart from familiarizing with the other procedures involved in the hair removal process such as the ones discussed below, this post seeks to highlight the benefits of one particular procedure; the laser hair removal.

1. Shaving

Though basic, it is best for the facial hair, arms and legs removal of hair. It may be done using a shaver or razor as long as they are sterilized and not shared for obvious reasons. The down side bit about this is that it can result in ingrown hairs, in the not so public areas of the body.

2. Plucking

It involves tweezing, which is quite painful, but it is a good option if you only have few hairs to be removed. It is ideal for reshaping the eye brows to make the eyes pop or for pulling out stray facial hairs. It is not ideal for removing hair in places with a large surface area because apart from scarring, it can also lead to ingrown hairs.

3. Hair removal creams

These also go by the name depilatory creams, they are readily available and do not require prescription. You are not to leave the cream on for too long because it can burn your skin. Follow the directions on how to use the different creams and be sure to test it on a small area in case you are allergic. Do not mix the creams.

4. Hot waxing

This can either be done at home or by a professional in a beauty parlor. It is painful and can be messy and does not guarantee you complete hair removal. You may get a burn if the wax is too hot or develop an infection as a side effect. It is not a procedure to be done on those on acne treatment creams. It can be done on the bikini area or the upper lip.

5. Threading

Its origin can be traced back to India as a traditional way removing hair where by professionals use strings which are twisted in a unique pattern to pull hair out.

6. Laser hair removal

We have seen from the previous procedures how hair removal processes have evolved. This is one of the methods that is longer-lasting but requires more treatments for better results. A laser beam is used to destroy the bulb of hair. Treatment may be expensive and painful at times, but unlike the other methods it can be used on many parts of the body. Choose a highly trained and knowledgeable doctor for this procedure.

Some of the benefits of laser hair removal is its precision; it leaves the surrounding skin unharmed by selectively targeting the dark, coarse hairs. It also takes a split second to treat many hairs at the same time and is therefore very fast and convenient. It is also proven and a well- known fact that after the treatments that follow the initial procedure, it leads to permanent hair loss. It is therefore, safe to say that for a permanent solution to hair removal, this last procedure is the way to go.

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